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"Remedi Group" has been operating in Azerbaijan since 2016. The main activity of the company is constant development and openness to innovations in the name of a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. "Remedi Group" legally imports interesting and necessary food additives of high quality production to the pharmaceutical sector of the country, informs doctors and the population about these drugs within the framework of medical ethics, serves and implements them in a regulatory manner. Our goal: To be a professional, persistent team that will perform this responsible work, constantly looking for innovations for the benefit of human health.



DEPOVIT New 50,000 IU / 5 ml, bottle No. 4

  • 50,000 IU 5 ml, bottle No. 4 - In case of deficiency (lack) of vitamin D, it is intended to be taken in a loading dose (according to the recommendations)
  • 5 ml/ 50,000 IU - a more convenient form of application (less greasy solution in a single dose)
  • A package of 4 vials is more economical for 8 or 12 week treatment.
  • Excellent manufacturer quality, GMP certified

Depovıt - Let the sun always be!
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Depovıt oral drops

  • Stable solution of vitamin D in olive oil - since this vitamin is fat-soluble, it remains stable in oil.

  • Without additives, pure vitamin D-does not contain preservatives, gluten, alcohol, additional components (BHA)

  • Olive oil - it is better perceived in terms of smell and taste compared to sunflower oil.

  • The possibility of a convenient dosage in children-3; 5 drops/day is enough in many cases.

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Depovıt Tablets

  • Each tablet contains 1000 BV of vitamin D.

  • Prevention of vitamin D3 deficiency,

  • Strengthen the immune system,

  • Prevention of postmenopausal and aging osteoporosis

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Osteofull D3

  • They are important elements for the normal development of the skeleton.

  • Provides normal muscle function.

  • In people with increased calcium requirements (pregnancy, lactation, post-menopause, the elderly, malabsorption syndrome, musculoskeletal injuries, etc.), the intake of calcium and Vit D is necessary.

  • Water-soluble tablets - provide the basis for easy use. 

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Lenorma - An Antioxidant (a source of Selenium)

  • Contains the optimal dose (110 mcg) of selenium

  • Strong antioxidant effect

  • Stimulates the immune system

  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

  • It is effective in the complex treatment of male infertility (oligospermia)

  • Reduces side effects in the treatment of cancer (chemotherapy and radiation therapy)


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Lenorma Plus

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Smart Hit-Ferrum

  • High bioavailability (5-6 times faster than iron sulfate)

  • Resistance to gastric acid (pH 1.5-4),

  • Lack of taste of iron in the mouth

  • Almost minimal side effects in the gastrointestinal tract

  • Good patient tolerance.

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Remenol (L-MHF)

  • Remenol (L-methyl folate) is a biologically active folate and an active metabolite of folic acid!

  • Unlike folic acid, it does not need enzymatic conversion.

  • People with MTHFR enzyme polymorphism are recommended not folic acid, but L- methylfolate.

  • Remenol is absorbed ≈ 2 times faster than simple folic acid.

  • Dissolvable in the mouth tablets are an easy way to take the medicine and quickly assimilate.

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Ankaferd Blood Stopper

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